What’s this idea? A travel around the world, really??

Here it is, we are taking part in a trend:
‘Travelling around the world’!

Following like sheep? Certainly not!

For this kind of adventure, we need to be prepared! Prepared to have tough days, to spend hours without knowing where we are and where to go, not being able to communicate with people we meet, not knowing where we will sleep, missing the comfort of a warm shower to wake you up… Of course, we will also have amazing days, we will meet great people and enjoy breathtaking views. This is what we hope to experience by travelling!

How did you make the decision to travel around the world?

We didn’t wake up one day and said ‘we will travel around the world’. The idea caught on over many years. Between the 4 of us, we love travelling but the holidays are always too short and we do not have enough time to discover the country as we would like. 

Like you, we look at many travel photos published online from many people currently traveling around the world. These photos make us want to travel. At some point, we were thinking ‘And why not us?’. Finally, if many people travel at the moment why couldn’t we take the plunge? 

By curiosity about this world that we don’t have the time to explore with our dailylife, let’s take the plunge… let’s travel around the world!

But if you regret your decision? 

After all everyone has a job, a good situation, loving relatives… why leave to go blind at the other side of the world? We don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone! Finally what if this adventure is not what we are expecting? What if when we will return, we will have nothing? No job, no money. Obviously, we are worried and have a thousand of questions in our mind, but the most terrifying is having regrets for not travelling. Maybe, we will be disappointed by our adventure but above all, in a few years, we don’t want to regret not having travelled when we could have done it. We don’t want to live with an endless ‘I should have done…’. Positive adventure or negative, we would have definitely a life experience which will enrich us. 


So… you are rich? 

Not at all. After 4 years of work experiences, we have a little bit of savings but not enough to go travelling around the world from tomorrow. This is why we have decided to go from September 2018. We will have more than a year to prepare and find the required funds. We count as well on the support of our partners who will trust our project, ideas and convictions.

And what do your relatives think about all of that

As with any major decisions, we have started to speak about it with the people closest to us: family and friends. We have experienced all kind of responses. Some of them gave us big encouragements with a touch of pride. Some have even already promised to meet us in a country to explore together. And other ones just stayed more platonic with the well-known ‘Yes sure‘, probably thinking ‘Well… you also said you wanted to subscribe to this gym 6 months ago…’. But we can assure you, this project we will do it! Trust us! 

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