Turkish bathing

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Ten months ago, we left the Mediterranean coast after several dives from the cliffs of the Marseille coves . At the Turkish coast, we found again its beauty and its warmth. It is behind the pine trees, on a sound infiltrating between the rocks, that we found a water with an emerald colour eroding the surrounding mineral environment.

It was the end of the day. Escaping from the the main beaches of this city, we went towards the end of the bay. We parked the side-cars at the end of a deserted road leading to touristic hotels. We walked the rest of the way, trough pine trees and rocks to reach the water at the opposite of the peninsula.

From the rocks, we dived for the fist time with swimming googles.What a pleasure to discover again the treasure of the submarine life! On the rocks, the anemones were dancing. Surrounding us, the fishes were continuing swimming without noticing us. Like kids, we tried to follow them but we were not able to touch them, in spite of trying many different techniques.

The time for drying  under the last sun rays, we shared a picnic sat on the cliff with the foot over the water, gazing at the horizon.


A few days later, it was nearby the Akyaka city that we enjoyed again the Mediterranean Sea. We crossed this seaside city and used a little road towards the Kiran village. We enjoyed the beautiful colour of the sea, loop after loop. Attracted by the turquoise colour, we finally turned on the right to take a little path to reach the seaside. Between the pine trees, there were travellers who set up their camp. We met an old globe trotter from Turkey. He was 56 years old, travelled during 25 years and visited 119 countries. He explained to us that he was now living in his van  full of treasures. He takes each day as it comes. We talked about our trips together, with Elena, a young Spanish lady and her boyfriend, Nicaraguayen. Both were travelling with their old Volkswagen van from 4 years ago. 

I took the opportunity for running on the panoramic road before to dive in the water. Alerted by friends-travellers, we were cautious at each step in the water. Indeed, there were many sea urchins. We enjoyed our new swimming googles to watch the life under the water. Many nice fishes were playing between the sea urchins. The sun rays highlighted the beauty of this natural artwork. 

The temperature being good, we enjoyed for a while this beautiful spot. Sometimes breaststroking, crawling or floating on the back, just to enjoy this instant. 

The dusk arrived and we needed to head North. We continued our trip along the coast to enjoy swimming up to the Greek border.