Our Actions

Travel to discover the world and to share our experiences with everyone when we return, this is what matters.  

We wish to come back with real stories and anecdotes from the countries we will visit. We would like to share with the new generation the taste of travelling and discovering new cultures by taking the following actions: 


We will share regularly our experience with the students of our partnered schools. We will share our discoveries on our website and regularly post videos, photos and articles about our adventures for them. We hope to show them the daily life of their peers in the visited countries and share with them other cultures.

Our objective will be to meet women, men and children during our adventure.

We will take part as much as we can in their cultures and traditions to experience their daily life. At the end of our adventure we would like to publish a photo-album of the people we met and explain their daily life, stories and their craziest dreams.