Night spots in Colombia

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During the preparations of our trip, we were hoping to do a lot of wild camping to enjoy the nature and save some money. Today, we wish to share these spots with you if you go there one day. To be fair, in Colombia we needed to lower our expectations. Indeed, the wild camping is not recommended.

Among the 33 nights spent in this country, we slept 22 nights in hotels, 5 nights in a local’s home, 5 nights in campsites and only 1 wild camping night. 

There is only one spot but here the details, if one day you are looking for a spot around Bucaramanga jn Colombia.

This wild camping spot was next to the Misiguey waterfalls. To be more specific, the tents were set up on a private land. We paid the equivalent of 1€ per person to have access.

To go to this great spot, nothing too hard. On the road between Curumani and Bucaramanga, turn left in the Puerto Arturo village. Then follow an uneven path to cross the village. Cross the ford and go up on a track damaged by the rain with many ruts during 8 kms in the mountainside.

No doubt, you always need to go straight. If required, you can ask to the locals living in small houses on the side of the track. They will be happy to explain to you the way to the waterfalls with a big smile. Engines risk to overheat to reach the small shop announcing the entry of the path to the waterfalls. You will be able to leave your vehicles there to go down with your equipment to build up the tent in the wooden mirador with the view on the waterfalls.

You will enjoy a quite night with the sound of the waterfalls. You will wake up with the birds singing to give you the motivation to go out of your bed. Swimming under the waterfall, for the morning shower, will finish to convince you that this spot deserved the effort to reach it !