Latvian experiences

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I didn’t think by starting skateboarding at 21yo, that I would like to take a skateboard and slide down a serie of curves on this black asphalt. Plus, I would play by crossing the yellow line from a side to another one. This line separating the road in two equal parts before to follow the bend, like a life line showing the best trajectory in these hairpin beds.

In Latvia, rollerblades are the kings. The kick scooter was not as famous as on the streets in Paris. Skateboards were only on specific spots of the city. In a rock and roll shop of the historic town center of Riga, selling many knick-knacks, the seller gave us the address of a skate shop. Once we open the door, we were sad to see mainly rollerblades. However, there were ten skateboards on racks waiting for us. There were a wide range from the longboard to the cruiser including the traditional skateboard.  

This was an impulsive purchase but Julien and I made a reasonable choice. Due to the numerous contraints of the trip, we needed a resistant board due to the vibrations and the bad weather, plus a good price for our little budget. We even didn’t know if there would be enough space on our sidecars, already (almost) full. 

Finally, I chose a green plastic cruiser with wheels of a pastel colour. 

For the first slope, we opted for the bicycle path going along the Gauja river. A nice ride on the quays at sunset. A smooth recovery before to try the straight lines in the Taïga. 

The underpants-traveller

We prepared our trip over months. Just a few weeks to decide for the cloths, and just a few seconds for the underpants! Far away from guessing the pain that my underpants will feel during our new daily life. Serenely, I picked 5 underpants from my old closet. By taking not too many, I even picked my favourite ones! I didn’t think they would have a tough life. From the first days in Colombia, I realised the washing machine would be a luxury. As I had less underpants than there are days in a week, I didn’t have any other choices than washing up them by hands. Any tap was the signal for cleaning the underpants. A nice task which was our new routine for any shower.  But here we go, the frictions of the fabric and the twists for spin drying have distended the fibres of the cotton. 

The vibrations of the seat of our sidecars on the paths of South of America finished the work. My underpants were used to live many years, but during the trip the first holes appeared after the first weeks spent. 

No need to precise upon our arrival in Latvia that the most worn has been already used as a cloth for mechanics. It was time for changing the other ones. For this, I went to a shopping centre of the town centre where I loved the green pattern with leaves in a shop, sadly which was not very ethic. I was seduced by this pattern allowing me to have a piece of the Laotian jungle always with me. 

The recovery of running

Our break in Riga during a few days was also the opportunity to enjoy some time for ourselves. Usually, the routine of our trip do not let us much time for some workout. This break in the Latvian capitale gave me the opportunity for wearing my running shoes. At the end of the morning, I went towards the Bikernieku park, on the East side of the city to stretch my legs. The enthusiasm of this running gave me wings for the first strides. I was even getting impatient at each traffic light of the wide avenue leading to the park. But quickly, I felt the weight of my body. Each stride was getting heavier, like during a nightmare when we would like to run to escape from the monster but we can only walk. 

But the session was nice. I crossed the road to reach the lake being in the middle of the path. The sunshine was reflecting in the water before to cross the branches of the pines. No engine noise disturbing this quiet place. The asphalt was more used by rollerblades and  bicycles. The weather was nice and encouraged people to enjoy the park. On my way, I saw the elderly and mothers walking with pushchairs. There were the spectators of my day. Each time I caught their eyes, they smiled and said a word that sadly I was not able to understand but I guessed it was just to say hi. 

For spicing up, I left the main axis of the park and I followed the bicycle path. The path was going up and down, following the little hills of the park. 

It was lunch time, time to go back home. A mechanic session was scheduled for this afternoon!