Latvian night spot

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Our arrival in Latvia marked our return on the road and the wild camping nights. After two months without setting up a camp, we couldn’t wait anymore to pitch up a tent. Our visa issue was the perfect opportunity for exploring around the Latvian capital city.

After a day of riding on the winding road and through the waterfalls of the National Park of Gauja, we went towards Césis at the end of the afternoon, the main city of the park.
We left Césis by going towards South and followed by curiosity the signs with a pictogram of skier. After a crossroads, we were in front of an old ski-lift. The snow was melted and the ski-lifts were having their winter break. We went on the left and took a path going towards the river. After a hundred of metres, on a narrow path in the middle of the trees, we arrived on a wide clearing which will by our spot for the night.

With the last rays of the sunshines, I had a nap in the side-car. I woke up at dusk, a bit confused as I didn’t know the time and how long I slept. Plus, I was embarrassed for my friends who were waiting for me to enjoy the beer of the “end of the day” with a nice wood fire before to eat our traditional pasta with a pesto sauce, the speciality of our wild camping nights.
At the end of this month of April, it was quite chilly and we quickly took our sleeping bags for getting warmer in our loyal tents.

When we woke up, all the camp was humid with the dew. But the sun was already shining with beautiful colours over the pine trees around the clearing.
We took our time for the breakfast, the time for the tents to dry. We packed everything and left. We went back to the capital city by using the countryside roads going through the park. We had a lunch nearby the waterfalls of  Septinavotu Lielais Udenskritums. Sat on the log, we enjoyed our roasted pork sandwiches. The road was going alongside the nice lakes of Raiskuma and Auciema, before to become a path with an uneven surface over a few kilometres until the Stable village.
We left behind us the National Park of Gauja which offered this sweet first wild camping night on the Eurasian land.