Laotian bathing

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From our firsts kilometres in the middle of the Laotian mountains, we were immersed in its jungle and humidity. The tropical climate and deep forest were favorable to waterfalls in a lush nature. Indeed, Laos is well-known for its exceptional waterfalls with vertiginous heights, clear waters and its peaceful atmosphere.

No need to say that the baths were very enjoyable, many times, after a few hours on our 2 wheels. Perfect for refreshing and cleaning the dust sticking on our skin.

On a track, we were able to swim in the Huay Mae Sai waterfall at the North of Thailand. Then, we enjoyed the natural swimming pools of Than Chang where children joined us for a shower. These hidden places in the middle of the nature are often a busy place for local people for showering, washing clothes or simply enjoying the quietness of the river with family or friends.

Upon our return from Vang Vieng, on the road back to Luang Prabang, we had a break at the village of Kacham. The afternoon was involuntary dedicated to waterfalls. It started with a wooden sign saying “waterfall”, which made us to stop. A few meters further, we were surprised to discover houses on stilts for chilling and a small footpath brought us at the bottom of the waterfall. A few seconds later, we were swimming in these natural swimming pools with clear water. Behind us, an illusion made appeared a rainbow from the drizzle of the Kacham waterfall.

A few hours later, after leaving our luggage at the guesthouse of Luang Prabang, we rode on thirty kilometres to explore the famous Kuang Si waterfalls. We enjoyed one of the nicest baths from our departure.

These waterfalls are one of the highlights of the country. We arrived at the end of the afternoon, around 4pm. Upon our arrival at this touristic place, we followed the rules of this popular site. We paid the parking, parked our motorbikes with the other ones and paid the entry fee. Behind the impressive gate, we used the main path alongside the river. There were mainly small waterfalls flowing in the natural pools. The scenery was beautiful with blue and green nuances. On the suspension bridge, at the bottom of the main waterfall, we were impressed by its size.

We continued by going backwards. On our way, we noticed it was possible to swim in the first pools. We didn’t resist to dive in this water. Earlier, it was hard to find some space between the other visitors. But at the end of the afternoon, the main mini-vans bringing most of the tourists were leaving as the park will close soon. Therefore, we enjoyed this fairy place on our own.

We reached a little platform, looking almost like a beach. We left our belongings by a tree. For the first time, our foot touched this amazing water. The ground was made of clay. After a couple of steps, our feet were slipping on the silt. In spite of the peacefulness, we finally did the first lengths abruptly. We enjoyed being alone in these small waterfalls. We had a laugh and did a photoshoot under these watefalls, like in the advertisement of a shampoo brand. 

A fairy break in a dreamy scenery where the tranquility ended with the chattering of our teeth. It started to be chilly. We went out of the water, at the time of the park was closing definitely its gates for the day.