Bathing in Italian lakes

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A summer weather, a scenery looking like a watercolour, a mesmerising water with a blue-saphir colour… you get it, I didn’t resist to dive in the Lake Como!

After a stroll on the “Lungolabo”, we stopped in the shadow of a pine tree of the Parco Teresio Olivelli in the Tremezzo village.

I put my bathing suit and I went strait to the stairs whose the steps touch the water. Step by step, I went down delicately and touched the bottom of the lake. The water was transparent. Usually, I enjoy swimming the crawl. But this time, I enjoyed watching the beauty of the landscape by swimming slowly the breastroke. Around me, the panorama was beautiful. The mountains seemed diving with me in the water. In the middle of the water, I also enjoyed watching all the villas around.

In spite of the romanticism of this place, I was not alone. Around me, young Italians were also swimming. Probably, a new romantic story will start after one of this afternoon between friends, inspired of the first kiss between Anakin and the princess Amidala in the Balbianello villa, just in front of the park. This story will be added to the numerous stories written by the artists making the Lake Como, one of the most romantic natural theatres.

A swan arrived reminding me the reality. It was time to go out of the water. I went up the stairs to enjoy a shower.