Greek night spot

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After leaving the highway, the road was winding between the coast and the hills. For bivouacking, we chose a beach just a few kilometres before Olympiada, at the North of the Three Fingers of Chalkidiki peninsula. After taking a small path, we reached the spot we wanted. But at the end of the afternoon, there were still too many people. It didn’t seem the evening would be quiet and peaceful… We decided to continue on the same path and hoped to find a more intimate beach. A few hundreds of metres further, the path turned on the left. It was tough to ride due to the ruts and many rocks. But a treasure needs to be earned! Once we reached the end of the path, there was a little clearing and a deserted little creek, well… almost! Indeed, at the other extremity of the beach, there was two young naked women enjoying the last rays of the sun. Each group enjoyed the evening with its own business.

For the swim before diner, we dived in the water in our birthday suit!

Early in the morning, the day started by the best shower: swimming in the sea just after going out of our sleeping bags. Then, it was time for a hearty breakfast before to go back on the road.

After an adventurous ride to reach the asphalt, the engine protection and the exhaust pipe had some marks as souvenirs ; we headed to Ouranoupoli and the rest of our Greek adventure.