Sarlat-la-Canéda – 10 days – 102 metres above sea level

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At the end of the day, we reached the riverside of the Lot and pitched up the tents at the “Farm of the 3 young wild boars” (La Ferme des 3 Marcassins). We have been welcomed briefly by the father of the family. He was sorry to leave quickly but he needed to go the next village, Port d’Agres, where he was a member of the team organising the “Aligot Party”, a Fresh specificity made of mashed potatoes and cheese. He invited us to join. We shared a table with his daughter and enjoyed the delicious Aligot. 

Cagnes-sur-Mer – 5 days – 2 metres above sea level

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The Mediterranean! It was along its coast that we arrived by our last border and enjoyed the symbol of its meaning. We proudly took a photo in front of the sign of “France” and the sign of “Menton city”, without realising what was going on.

We did our first kilometres on one of the most emblematic road of the country: the South of the National 7, the famous road of the holidays. After crossing the city, famous for its delicious lemons, we reached the perched village of Eze. Julien’s uncle, Patrick, was waiting for us to enjoy a break with coffee, melon, ham and eggs from the garden.…

On the Italian roads

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After the humidity of the Tyrol mounts, our first kilometres in Italy marked the return of the sun. Like on the Austrian side, there were many castles along the road crossing the valley of Isarco, to reach the plains of Verona. 

The region of Trentino-South Tyrol was also rich of these breathtaking sceneries shaped by wide fields, tower bells and amazing snow-covered summits of the Alps. 

On the slope of the rivers, many orchards are growing since centuries. But apples were not the only fruits growing in the region. There were also many vines. In spite of the reputation of the poor soil, this region is famous for its terraced vineyards giving delicious red and white wine.…

Bathing in Italian lakes

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A summer weather, a scenery looking like a watercolour, a mesmerising water with a blue-saphir colour… you get it, I didn’t resist to dive in the Lake Como!

After a stroll on the “Lungolabo”, we stopped in the shadow of a pine tree of the Parco Teresio Olivelli in the Tremezzo village.

I put my bathing suit and I went strait to the stairs whose the steps touch the water. Step by step, I went down delicately and touched the bottom of the lake. The water was transparent. Usually, I enjoy swimming the crawl. But this time, I enjoyed watching the beauty of the landscape by swimming slowly the breastroke.…

Canzo – 7 days – 402 metres above sea level

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We arrived in advance in the little city of Canzo. We waited to meet the owner of the rent flat. During this spare time, we bought some groceries. When we left the supermarket, a big storm arrived and we heard the sirens of the city. We found a shelter under a lean-to next to the store. We met the owner there who gave us the keys of the rent flat. 

The rain stopped at the end of the afternoon. We took our sidecars and left the city to meet Alice and Bernard, Emilie’s parents at the airport of Milano-Malpensa.…

Verona – 7 days – 59 metres above the sea level

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We arrived in Italy by the col of Brenner. In spite of crossing the Italian border, there was still an Austrian influence. We were still accompanied by the Vito, with all the family. We did a stop at Vipiteno, the most norther city of the country. We walked in the Via Citta Nuova, along massive buildings with a Renaissance style. At its extremity, we crossed under the Torre delle Dodici and its bell of 46-metre height. Since 1472, this tower was the link between the ancient and new city. On the main square, we found a shelter under the parasols of a café to order our first espresso ristretto.…