The big departure

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Here it is…

After speaking about it over a year, every single month, weeks and days, we are today at Brussels airport – ready for boarding!

It’s like a dream becoming true, but it’s still very hard to believe. We have our backpacks with us, waiting with patience in the boarding area, on the screen it’s written “Bogota, Colombia”. So, it’s seems true today!


What are we expecting on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean?

No idea! We haven’t done that much of researches about places to visit, landscapes to see… as we prefer to keep the surprise!

What’s this idea? A travel around the world, really??

Here it is, we are taking part in a trend:
‘Travelling around the world’!

Following like sheep? Certainly not!

For this kind of adventure, we need to be prepared! Prepared to have tough days, to spend hours without knowing where we are and where to go, not being able to communicate with people we meet, not knowing where we will sleep, missing the comfort of a warm shower to wake you up… Of course, we will also have amazing days, we will meet great people and enjoy breathtaking views. This is what we hope to experience by travelling!

How did you make the decision to travel around the world?