Chilean bathing

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Bathing is a family story. From my youngest age, I have learned to swim in the pool of the municipality. With the experiences, I learned how to get used to this new element. The sea became enjoyable: the beginnings of sliding in the foam of Plouharnel (seaside village in Brittany) ; sailing at the entry of the Granville port and the first dives in front of the ramparts of Saint-Malo.

At the beginning of the nice Spring days, the tradition of bathing highlights the most courageous who are diving in the water refreshed by the previous winter. Bathing is also the opportunity to share some time with the other swimmers who came to cool off ; plus this is also a unique moment to keep yourself to yourself and enjoy the harmony created by this powerful element. 

This travel around the world offers unforgettable bathing in amazing spots. Or simply, allows us to take a refreshing dip which after a day on the road are very appreciable! 

Cogoti Lake

After leaving the Ruta 5 nearby La Serena city and rode tens of kilometres on hills between vines, we set up the camp at the edge of the Cogoti lake. At the end of the afternoon, the sun was still high in the sky and the air temperature still warm. After a day on the road with the heat, there was nothing better than bathing in the lake.  The water is not very clear but its temperature seduced us. We put our swimsuits to go for a swim. Everyone enjoyed the water differently. Floating on the back in the sunshine to enjoy the sunshine on the face, holding the breath for a challenge, or a few lengths to stretch the muscles.

After going out, we rinsed with our solar shower before to cook with our camping stove. At the menu tonight: pasta of course! After spending a night in the tent, I treated myself with a morning swim before to go back on the road towards Salamanca. 

Cochrane Lake

We spent the day on tracks and did 200 kilometres between the villages of Villa O’Higgins, located at the South of the Carratera Austral, and Cochrane. The itinerary of the day has requested a lot of efforts to our engines. Once arrived at our wild camping spot, we did some maintenance on the motorbikes before to enjoy diving in the transparent waters of the Cochrane lake. Coming from the Oro glacier, the water is one of the most transparent waters in the world.

The freshness of the water and the cool breeze will request more efforts than usually. But I cannot resist when the “Fairy of the Lake” is calling me. The fairy who is attracting me like a magnet, with her power, in the depths of the lake.

Not a wave in sight, “the water is like oil”. Ten minutes ago, the sun went on the other side of the mountains, so with a navy blue sky, I went in front of the wooden pontoon. I was moving forward, solemnly, to reach its tip while looking the middle of the lake. The snow covering the summits of the surrounded mountains reinforced their sharp profiles and gave the illusion of a fierce jaw protecting this place.

With humility, I needed to go down to get wet and adapt myself to the cold temperature of the water. The moment came for me to go two steps backwards before to take an impulsion and enjoy this moment where the body goes through the surface of the water. The two movements of breaststroke following the impact drew out the pleasure. Then, it was time to go back to the pontoon to dive a second time and a third time. But the temperature of the water did not allow me to enjoy longer this peaceful moment, in the middle of a privileged spot. I went out of the water, dried myself energetically to warm up and met my friends for diner. 

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