The origins of this trip around the world

For us, travelling around the world was just an idea we had whilst having a beer between friends. 

We know that we will have difficulties to face with this project. But travelling around the world is also a childhood dream. So never mind the difficulties, let’s go on a ride!

Why is this “childhood dream” pushing us to leave our comfy daily life now and risking to lose it when we will return? 

Do we have more than one dream? If so, why are we trying everything to make this dream come true rather than another one? How is a childhood dream built? We will try to answer these questions in this article. We will discover how each person of our team has built his “childhood dream” which is to travel around the world. 

A dream is not inborn, a dream is built with the various people we meet and the obstacles we may meet. Wishing to travel around the world came from our relations since our youngest age with conversations with our relatives, friends and teachers. Since our childhood, being in contact with others has helped us to develop our wish to discover every corner of this planet and meet every person living on it. 

The various medias (music, literature, cinema, photography, cooking…) of cultures have also awakened our desire to discover the world. We dreamt about imitating these heroes in their adventures and achievements. We hoped to listen to this music that we love hearing, or tasting these mouth-watering dishes reminding us of great memories; with their creators. 

Each one of us will explain the origins of our motivations to create our dream to travel around the world, our previous trips encouraging us to move forward today, to hit the road, and stop feeling sorry for ourselves whilst saying “I would love so much to be on the other side of this world!”. 


Raphaël, the desire for travelling is born through the books

“ My childhood is full of dreams. They were born by thousands whilst playing with my pals in the school playground, reading books given by my parents and watching the achievements of the French Handball Team. But from my first holidays with my family, my travelling passion is born whilst camping in a tent mainly in Italy and Spain. 

The Adventures of Tintin – a comics series about a young Belgian reporter –  have also developed my desire to go away. With his adventures, a new wish is born: meeting the Pygmy, Sioux, Tibetan, Gypsy, Jivaros and every population in the world. 

During my teenage years, I’ve discovered Corto Maltese. This sailor and explorer from Venice has reinforced my desire to travel too. With his adventures in the 4 corners of this world, the “foreigners” became often his fellow travellers. This trip around the world will give me the opportunity to enrich me with new cultures that we will discover everyday.


Emilie, through the lens, a dream to travel around the world

Why would we need to have travelled before to build a dream about travelling around the world? My childhood was not about long road trips to discover Europe. I didn’t have the chance to look through the window in a plane, going through the clouds; I haven’t felt the wind in my hair whilst sailing towards sunny islands either. However, I always had the taste for adventures, challenges and resourcefulness. 

Inspired by Elisa, main character from “The Jungle Family” – a French cartoon about a family exploring the Jungle – I loved going to explore the world around me, climbing trees and rocks during each walk, and having a different eye on each landscape. 

These moments, colours and lights amazed me. Quickly, I wanted to capture them to be able to share them. Therefore, with my photography passion I’ve developed my taste for travelling. Through the lens, I loved capturing moments and stories whilst exploring Europe. Today, the world is out there, I just need to go and capture each corner! 


Marie, a trip around the world with gastronomic influences

When I was little, I had the opportunity to travel with my family, including Martinique and Dominica islands. Since my early childhood I understood France is only a tiny part of our amazing world and that we have a lot of things to discover. 

The food culture we have in my family is probably the one which has really built my desire to discover the world. Ever since I was a child, I love cooking with my Mum, side by side, discovering little by little that this fruit is particularly delicious in this country, this spice grows in this country, this vegetable is cooked that way in Asia but this way in South America. So since I was a little girl, I have been dreaming about tasting the real dishes cooked by locals of the countries where the recipes come from. I am dreaming about Ceviche in Peru, Pad Thaï in Thailand or Beef Stroganoff in Russia. 

I am looking forward to discovering these dishes in their countries of origin, but also discovering new cultures. After all, it’s often during a nice meal that you meet nice people – isn’t it?


Julien, travelling: a fundamental value

“ For me, this wish to travel and discover was built when I was a child by my parents. When I was 5, my parents took me with them to former Yugoslavia during the war to bring gifts for the orphans during the Christmas truce. 4 years after, we were back on the road to go to Romania with a side-car.  

Since, I have noticed my friends have the same taste for travelling, which led to us doing a trek in Scotland and a road trip with our backpacks in Poland. 

2 years ago, Marie and I decided to start from scratch in the UK to have a new daily life in another country with a new language. Finally, I have noticed that travelling is part of my roots, creating the thirst for the discovery of our world which didn’t stop through the years. Today, we are working to plan this amazing project. This trip promises to be an amazing experience with obviously many difficulties, but also full of meetings and discoveries… we can’t wait!