Austrian encounters

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Eva & Willy

Prigglitz, a small village from the South-West of Vienna, marked the end of our first step in Austria after riding all the day through the fiels. We were welcomed by Eva and Willy, our Austrian friends. We met each other in a campsite in Peru where we pitched up our tents next to their van. Back from South of America, there were enjoying a peaceful time in their holiday home. We parked the sidecars in front of a beautiful farm. Eva and Willy welcomed us warmly.

In the small square courtyard, there was a great campfire. We took a seat on tree trunks placed around it. We shared our stories about our trips, with a chill beer thanks to the natural fridge: a river just a couple of steps away. We met 8 months ago and many stories happened since then: from the amazing landscapes to the troubles with the vehicles! We enjoyed grilled meat before to pitch up the tent in the farmyard for a peaceful night.

After a hearty breakfast with delicious sweet pastries prepared by Eva and Will, we left and headed to Linz and more specifically the Ural Europe workshop.

Magdalena & Harry

Harry and Magdalena from the Ural Europe manufacture supported our project from its beginning. We will never thank them enough for their great help and their amazing reactivity when they urgently shipped a fork required for one of the sidecars, just a week before shipping them to South of America.

Going to Ural Europe was a key step for our trip.

It was at the end of the afternoon when we parked in front of the showroom of Ural. We were welcomed by Magdalena who showed us the company and a place to pitch up the tents behind the warehouse.

Harry is the manager of this place and our main contact for ordering spare parts.

It was with a great BBQ that we shared the evening all together.

When we woke up, Magdalena and the kids went to the farm, next door, for buying some bread before to prepare a delicious breakfast. It was the perfect hearty meal for getting enough energy for the tough mechanics session of the afternoon.

We spent all the day in the workshop with Günter, the mechanic of the team. It was 7pm when, as a reward, we purchased some goodies in the Ural shop before to go for a swim in the lake, just 2 kms away.

As we spent more time for changing a tire with Emile, we met the other part of the team on the way back. They started to prepare the BBQ while we enjoyed swimming a bit. We spent the evening with some local beers, but this time we discovered a new alcohol: homemade schnapps. But just between us… we didn’t find a lot of difference between the Peruvian Pisco, the Russian Vodka and the Austrian Schnapps. 🤫

We ended this ‘Ural’ step by a new hearty breakfast before to leave Magdalena and Harry for going towards Italy.