The Team

2 couples, friends for 6 years, today we are a real team.

Between all of us, we have already visited many countries: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Canada and many more. We have also lived in the Netherlands, the United-States, Portugal and England.

Team members

The photographer

Always with an eye behind the lens, Emilie is a semi-professional photographer. She loves catching unique instants during our trips.

29 years old, from Brittany**

Graduated with a Marketing Master’s Degree in Design of Communications and Packaging, since 2013 Emilie has worked within Creative Teams to develop new packaging for international brands. Supervising major projects, Emilie has attention to detail which ensures that the corporate identities and style guides are respected.

The challenger

Sporty, Raphaël is competitive. No challenge or project will scare him. He will do everything to manage them.

27 years old, from Brittany**

Passionate about his job and experienced in working with children, Raphaël is currently the Supervisor of the Extracurricular Duty in a city of 50,000 habitants. Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sport Management, he manages 250 agents assuring children’s supervision during their extracurricular and out-of-school time. Therefore, he takes part in the improvement of their daily life by learning how to live together, being creative and open-minded.

The organiser

A departure? Marie will know how to plan, organise, find good accommodation and activities, plus think about any travel details.

27 years old, from Vendée*

With her Marketing Master’s Degree in Design of Communications and Packaging, Marie currently works in a small Marketing team in the Hospitality industry in England. She takes part in developing their communications and improving the brand notoriety of this group including the management of the website, social media, advertising, brochures and magazines.

The engineer

No solution slips past Julien to fix any object or vehicle. Julien is our MacGyver!

28 years old, from Vendée*

Graduated at an Engineer School which specialised in Materials, Julien currently works in England for a cosmetics company which their main policy is the respect of environment and people. Every day, he is looking for new ideas and innovating processes to create new and eco-friendlier packaging.

* Western French area
** North Western French area


Our code

Tolerant and determined
Any situation, you will know how to adapt

Open-minded and altruist
Any person who crosses your path, you will engage with and help

Curious and understanding
Any culture you will discover and take part in

Adventurers and brave
Step backward, you will not

Responsible and respectful
Nature, you will love