Hanoï – 4 days – 10 metres above sea level

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After some troubles with our Vietnamese visas, we left the airport with a “Grab”, the equivalent of a “Uber” in Vietnam. The young driver was sneaking between the other vehicles on the highway to reach the area of Quand An, near the town center of Hanoï. Elodie and Florian (Emilie’s brother) were waiting for us in the buzzing atmosphere of the city. Upon our arrival on the riversides of the Hô Tay Lake, we enjoyed spring rolls and beers with them, under the colourful fairy lights of a bar. The following day, we looked for a breakfast.…

Laotian bathing

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From our firsts kilometres in the middle of the Laotian mountains, we were immersed in its jungle and humidity. The tropical climate and deep forest were favorable to waterfalls in a lush nature. Indeed, Laos is well-known for its exceptional waterfalls with vertiginous heights, clear waters and its peaceful atmosphere.

No need to say that the baths were very enjoyable, many times, after a few hours on our 2 wheels. Perfect for refreshing and cleaning the dust sticking on our skin.

On a track, we were able to swim in the Huay Mae Sai waterfall at the North of Thailand.…

Laotian experiences

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 a 35-hour journey to change of culture

Flying 10 000 metres above the sea level in a plane, it was like being between two worlds. Like the Rayman character in the video game of the same name, we were moving forward, following the dotted line shown on the map of our screen, without asking any questions. A journey without any turbulences to cross the gap between those two universes. Two universes as much different as the ones of our little character when he is jumping from a creeper to another one in the jungle before to slide between the music notes and the trumpets.…

On the Laotian roads

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Far away from our sidecars, we can’t compare our experiences on the Asian roads to the ones we had with our loyal Ural on the roads of South of America. In spite of this, our stay in Laos was rich of adventures on the various roads and paths of this country.

Our first attempt on the Laotian roads was on our second day. We travelled by bus from the station to the the Houei Sai city to reach the city of Luang Namtha, 170kms away.

With Emilie, we were the last ones to go in the 30-seat bus.…

Luang Prabang – 10 days – 305 metres above sea level

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We reached Luang-Prabang with a Toyota mini-van, privatised with air-con. We did a 7 hours journey with a basic comfort in spite of the roadworks. Indeed, the Chinese are investing in the Laotian mountains by building dams and railways meaning big works and parts of the road with many potholes and without asphalt. Luand Prabang has been built in the montainous area in the North of Laos, alongside the Mekong river. The city is  classified in the world heritage since 1995 for its exceptional architecture. Due to its history, there are several boudhist temples in the streets and buildings from the European colonial period.…

Luang Namtha – 8 days – 547 metres above sea level

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After 56 hours of travelling, we arrived on the Asian continent after leaving Montevideo and the South-American continent, two days ago.

It was in Chiang Rai that we started our stay in South-Eastern Asia. We spent a few days in this city in the North of Thailand to get some rest and get used to the 10 hours of jet lag. Then, we will go towards Laos, border country located at 100kms further away, up North.

Chiang Rai is a historic city, built in 1262 by the King Mengrai. During our first day, we walked in the streets of the city.…