Turkish bathing

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Ten months ago, we left the Mediterranean coast after several dives from the cliffs of the Marseille coves . At the Turkish coast, we found again its beauty and its warmth. It is behind the pine trees, on a sound infiltrating between the rocks, that we found a water with an emerald colour eroding the surrounding mineral environment.

It was the end of the day. Escaping from the the main beaches of this city, we went towards the end of the bay. We parked the side-cars at the end of a deserted road leading to touristic hotels. …

Turkish night spot

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Our crossing of Turkey from East to West was done in 15 days. We pitched up the tent 12 times during this trip. From mountains and volcanos, to the Mediterranean coast, there were as many landscapes as sceneries for our night garden. But the wild camping spot that we will remember for long was the one spent on the Gallipoli peninsula.

To go there, we crossed the Strait of the Dardanelles, we left the fishing port of Kilitbahir and headed to the South of the peninsula. We went alongside the coast on a winding road. On the left hand-side, the small fishing boats were going between the big container ships on the channel.…

On the Turkish roads

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At the border post between Georgia and Turkey, the process made us to break the Russian Gang. No other choice than separating us from Maika and Christoph. Both sidecars started a ride, on their own without their UAZ friend from the last 1000 kilometres, on the D100 – the dual carriageway going towards North. On this main road, many trucks and shipping vans were accompanying us. On 500kms, we rode on a 5-km wide concrete road. The urban life took the power over nature. Between the buildings, there were many minarets and sometimes bridges spanning small streams going to the Black Sea.…

Hisarönu & the Turkish Mediterranean coast – 7 days – 306 metres above sea level

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We left the mountains and its freshness for the Mediterranean coast and its heat. 

We left the Mediterranean Sea 10 months ago to ship the sidecars from France to Colombia. 

Carribean Sea, the South of the Pacific Ocean, the South of the Atlantic Ocean, the China Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea… all along our trip, we have improvised depending on the difficulties of each of these coasts. After going towards West, in Russia, the Mediteranean Sea reminded us the approch of the arrival flag. 

We began by discovering the Turkish coast and more specifically Patara.…

Goreme – Capadocia – 8 days – 1 100 metres above the sea level

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We began our Turkish adventure by going alongside the Black Sea on the Route 10, a wide dual carriageway along the coast.

Around Ardesen city, we rode alongside the Firtina river. 10 kilometres further, we crossed a bridge spanning a stream. On the other side of the river, we arrived at the nautical centre “Derebeyi Rafting.” We pitched up the tents on the playground of Microbe, a cute goat with long black and white hairs.

At the sunrise, we woke up with the first call of the day for praying.  We got prepared quickly for this long day.…

Georgian experiences

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Discovery of the Georgian vineyards

Wine is an ancient Georgian culture. It’s taking a big part of the economic, social and cultural life of the country.

The specificity of this drink is the vinification procedure, done in “Qvevri”. This name comes from the earthenware jar used to ferment the wine before storage. 

It was in the Kakheti region, at the East of Georgia, on the hills before Tbilisi, that we stopped in a vineyard. 

We have been warmly welcomed by Niki Antadze in his house. Accompanied by his daughter, this ex-boss of a night club showed us his treasure and its traditions.…