On the Austrian roads

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Our trip on the Austrian roads started by a first break at the town just after the border. We entered in the only café of the main street, for buying the licence allowing to drive on the highway.

We passed by the countryside at the speed of our vehicles. The asphalt followed the relief of the smooth Austrian hills. In the middle of a large field, the nice landscape had beautiful farms with wooden structures very topical of the region. 

We are surprised, after a turn, to discover many vineyards along the hills. The East of Austria has actually some famous white wine vineyards.…

Linz – 6 days – 317 metres above sea level

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We crossed the border and arrived in Slovenia. We met Julien’s siter, Alice, and her husband Manu with their kids, Zack and Loah. Behind the van of the little family, we discovered the Slovenian roads between the hills of the Lower-Styria, located at the North-East of the country.

Once the camp was set up for the first evening next to a lake. We enjoyed a drink to celebrate our reunion. On the table, good French produce: a saucisson and some pâté. We dreamed about this from many months. 

The following day, we visited the 2nd biggest city of Slovenia, Maribor, under a blazing sun.

On the road of the Balkans

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Our adventure in the Balkans started under the rain with our reflective rain suits.

reach the beautiful coastline and seaside city of Sarandë. Upon our arrival, there was only a drizzle. We headed to the North and used the SH8 road winding between the cliffs and the beaches. The coast was beautiful. This road, overlooking the blue-turquoise water and the surrounding mountains, shaped the nice coves.

Kilometre after kilometre, we rode along the seaside cities and crossed nice and outside of time villages with narrow and paved streets. After the Dhermi city, the road was going up and crossed the Thanasit mount symbolising the end of this Riviera.

Encounter in the Balkans

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Anne, Régis and their red Volkswagen

In Croatia, we experienced some mechanical issues. A crack appeared on the frame of one of our sidecars. This problem forced us to stop and to find a welder. As it was Sunday, we had to wait the next day for getting a workshop nearby open.

Therefore, we started the quest to find a place for pitching up the tent  and we founded the “Autocamp Radjonj” in Tusilovic. We were not welcomed by the owner, but by Anne and Régis, a retired couple from Lyon (East of France). They were traveling with a beautiful brand new red Volkswagen Transporter.…

Night spots in the Balkans

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Jalaë & the beach of Gjiri i Akuariumit

During the first day on the Albanian roads, we arrived at its Riviera. In the South of the country, from the morning to the evening, there was a heavy rain. After weeks with a hot weather, the road became slippery and the air had a nice smell of wet asphalt.

We rode along the Adriatic coast on 60 kilometres. Then we left the main road of the SH8 road and headed to the seaside city of Jalë. On our left, the beach with a fine sand. We rode on the path which became very muddy with the rain.…

Jalë and the crossing of Balkans – 6 days – 2 metres above sea level

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The first drops of rain started when we crossed the border between Greece and Albania. While putting on our rain suits, the border officer was smiling. He told us we were crossing the country during the only 2 rainy days of the summer.

Thirty kilometres further, we reached the Gjirokaster city at the end of the morning, one of the oldest cities of Albania. With our rain suits, we were walking in the paved streets. On each side, there were old houses with walls and roof made of stones. The biggest ones had nice balconies. The nickname of the city is “the city of stones” due to its architecture.…