Greek bathing

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Before this trip if you would have asked me the ideal bathing in Greece, I would have described you a cove with a transparent water and the finest sand.

We enjoyed this scenery, the kind you would have on a postcard, in Ouranoupoli. While we tried to go to the Athos Mount but we were not able to due to the guards, we stopped on the last cove before the Athos Mount.

In front of us, a deserted beach. The second after, we were lying on our beach towels and felt totally relaxed. We dived from the rocks.…

Greek night spot

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After leaving the highway, the road was winding between the coast and the hills. For bivouacking, we chose a beach just a few kilometres before Olympiada, at the North of the Three Fingers of Chalkidiki peninsula. After taking a small path, we reached the spot we wanted. But at the end of the afternoon, there were still too many people. It didn’t seem the evening would be quiet and peaceful… We decided to continue on the same path and hoped to find a more intimate beach. A few hundreds of metres further, the path turned on the left.…

On the Greek roads

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On the winding roads, we travelled through Greece. Loop after loop, along the coast and the hills all over the country.

Once we crossed the border and Kavala city, we left the highway to take a secondary road along the Aegean sea up to the Olympiada. The relief guided us with the blue from the sky and the turquoise-colour from the water, following the elevation of the cliffs by the sea.

Then, it was time to change our direction and to leave the coast to discover the small roads of the countryside of Chalkidiki. In this region, nature is the king.…

Litochoro, the Olympus Mount and the Meteora – 4 days – 293 metres above sea level

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Once we crossed Thessaloniki, we reached the ruins of Dion city. We enjoyed a break with an espresso-fredo and a tzatziki before to discover the ruins. The Macedonian city was dedicated to Zeus. It was located at the bottom of the Olympus Mount, the highest summit of Greece at 2918 metres. This mythical mount was hidden by the clouds that day. We were able to see only its profile during a few seconds. 

The archeological stones were a bit sprinkled on the ground. During our visit, it was hard to get a picture of this amazing period of this small city.…

Sozopoli and Chalkidiki – 6 days – 0 metre above sea level

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We waited 2 hours in a queue to reach the border post, sweating due to our motorbike gear. However, as we were entering European Union, the paperwork was done in only 5 minutes. 

A few kilometres further, we did our first break in the port of Makri. Already, the traditions were different. There was tzatziki on the menu and the Sirtaki music was replaced by the Oriental notes of the Turkish music. 

We spent the evening on the Imeros beach, 50 kms further. No highlights on this beach but the swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea was great at the end of this hot day.…

Turkish bathing

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Ten months ago, we left the Mediterranean coast after several dives from the cliffs of the Marseille coves . At the Turkish coast, we found again its beauty and its warmth. It is behind the pine trees, on a sound infiltrating between the rocks, that we found a water with an emerald colour eroding the surrounding mineral environment.

It was the end of the day. Escaping from the the main beaches of this city, we went towards the end of the bay. We parked the side-cars at the end of a deserted road leading to touristic hotels. …