From Buenos Aires to the Uruguayan border – 8 days – 25 metres above sea level

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We entered in the urban area by the Ruta 8 and the dual carriageway. The trafic was important but manageable. A cycling path was going along the highway where a cyclist team was training. 

We have been invited by Ricardo, met a few weeks ago on the Chilean Carratera Australe. He is living in a residence with his family, next to Tigre city, in the West part of Buenos Aires. 

Our visit of the main Argentinian city started early in the morning by walking in the port of Tigre. This city of the suburb of Buenos Aires is located in the middle of the delta created by the rio (river) Uruguay and Parana de Las Palmas.…

Argentina – from Ushuaïa to the Argentinian capital – 17 days – 6 metres above sea level

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We left Ushuaïa with a drizzle. But after the first cols, the sun was back. Until Rio Gallegos, we didn’t have any other choice than using the same road as for the outward journey. We crossed again Chile, the Strait of Magellan, plus two border posts. On the little piece of Chilean land, we stopped to meet the colony of Royal Penguins near the Cerro Sombrero city. On the way to reach the entry of the park, we noticed the first welding (did in Tortel in Chile) on the mudguard of our sidecar didn’t last. As we shouldn’t leave the asphalt until Buenos Aires, we opted for continuing without repairing immediately.…

The Argentinian Patagonia from Bajo Caracoles to Ushuaia – 11 days – 613 metres above sea level

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After crossing the Patagonia National Park and left the border of the Chilean “carabineros”, it was on a track crossing the mountains that we arrived at the Argentinian border of “Paso Rodolfo Roballos”. We were waiting with a Belgian couple travelling the world with their “Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition” ; while two English bikers with DR finished their admissions. Here, no computer, all the paperwork was done by hand. 

Once our paperwork were finalised, we were back on track. 70 kilometers of screes and uneven surface. Further away, the Argentinian cowboys were bringing their flock of bulls in the middle of this landscape, which was as great as the “Rohan’s plains” (reference to the Lord of the Rings).…

Chilean bathing

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Bathing is a family story. From my youngest age, I have learned to swim in the pool of the municipality. With the experiences, I learned how to get used to this new element. The sea became enjoyable: the beginnings of sliding in the foam of Plouharnel (seaside village in Brittany) ; sailing at the entry of the Granville port and the first dives in front of the ramparts of Saint-Malo.

At the beginning of the nice Spring days, the tradition of bathing highlights the most courageous who are diving in the water refreshed by the previous winter.…

Chilean encounters

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Alex the intrepid

With a beautiful sunshine and an oppressive heat, we used the path leading us to San Augustin to reach a bit further the “hobbit” house of Alexander. By hearing the Ural’s engines, he came to escorte us for the last kilometre with his Ural “retro solo”. We crossed a ford, the last difficulty of our journey, before to enter in his property.

Alex is born in Switzerland and lives in Chile for many years. He built his house by following plans of the “Eco-dome” houses from the Iranian-born architect Nader Khalili. Next to his house, three containers which are actually his workshop, warehouse and garage.…

Chilean experiences

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Apricots from Salamanca

There are some unexpected encounters that only travelling with sidecars can offer. Just a few kilometres before the Chilean city of Salamanca, we stopped at the National Reserve of Chinchilla, hoping that we will see one of those rodents. Sadly, those animals being very fearful and going out only at the end of the day, we didn’t have the opportunity to see one. Unlike a local, who was riding a van and followed us for a few kilometres. Intrigued by the sidecars, he stopped by us to chat. 

To go through the next step of our journey, he gave an apricot to each one of us.…