From San Pedro de Atacama to Puerto Montt – 22 days – 2408 metres above sea level

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We entered in Chile by the north of the country. Passing by the Volcano Licancabur, symbolising the Bolivian border, we did our first kilometres in Chile at the sunset time. We are surrounded by mountains, lakes and a salt desert. The wind was already blowing, plus with the fresh temperatures at the dusk, we were looking forward to being in our sleeping bags to warm up.

We spent the night in a campsite alongside the Loa river. For our first Chilean day, we reached the village of San Pedro de Atacama, located in the middle of the desert of the same name.…

On the Bolivian roads

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Once the Bolivian border crossed, Bolivia offered us one of the nicest roads of this trip. Between the small city of Copacabana and San Pedro de Tiquina, we went alongside the Titicaca lake across a pine forest remembering us the Mediterranean Coast. There were many curves, one after another, following the relief of the coast over thirty kilometres. In front of us, a strait at the bottom of the cordillera. To continue, we needed to cross this strait separating the major lake from the minor lake with a wide wooden boat. To divide the weight with the other vehicles, we went on two different boats.…

Bolivian Experiences

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Travelling means being confronted by making choices. The hardest ones are usually related to the itinerary. The next destination and the journey to do can impact the next adventures. Should we opt for asking a little supplementary effort to the side-cars to go up and see a lagoon recommended by another traveller and therefore risk to have a mechanical issue? Can we make a detour by this city which maybe means not having enough time to reach Tierra del Fuego?

So, we chose to have a quite short stay in Bolivia! It’s hard to assess our own decisions on these conditions but these few days offered us unforgettable experiences.…

From the banks of the Titicaca Lake to the South of Lipez – 15 days – 3000 metres above sea level

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At the end of an afternoon, we crossed the border post in Kasani with no troubles. In this hamlet, there are only five little houses including a mini “Mercado”, plus the offices of migration and customs which were empty when we arrived. We woke up the customs officer for the administrative formalities. 

Then, we had only a few kilometres left alongside the lake to reach the first Bolivian city. The orange nuances of the sky at the sunset time offer a beautiful purple tint over the water of the Copacabana bay. 

The city is the main seaside city alongside the lake in Bolivia.…

On the Peruvian roads

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Peru is a country of 1 285 315 km2 and various landscapes and reliefs. Therefore, going with the sidecars from the North-West to the South-East offer various riding experiences.

At the North of the country, alongside the Pacific coast, we crossed for the first time a sandy desert over many hundreds of kilometres. From a side of the road to the other one, the sandy dunes are breaking the monotony of the road; the experience is amazing. The asphalt draws long straight black lines contrasting with the yellow of the sand. Sometimes, the wind is blowing away the sand going on the asphalt before to go under our wheels.…

Peruvian encounters

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Chio & Béto

After many days on the road, we crossed the Peruvian border on the 7th November and we arrived in the small seaside city of Cancas. We discovered the Pacific Coast, its warmth and waves. We enjoyed the amazing hospitality from Chio and Béto to recharge our batteries in the fine sandy beach while looking the endless horizon. When I was a kid, I was looking the ocean and my dad always asked me if I could see America. Today, The Peru is under my feet and I am looking for Asia on the line separating the blue of the ocean from the blue of the sky.…