On the Latvian roads

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Our adventure on the Latvian roads started with the collection of our sidecars at the Riga port.

To help us in this mission, Mikhail, the agent contracted by the shipping company gave us an appointment in a café of the town centre, early in the morning. The first signs of our anxiety appeared when we opened the doors of this posh place and discovered an empty room. To wait patiently, we ordered one of the most expensive espressos of our trip. Finally, it was with half an hour of late that Mikhail arrived and sat next to us.…

Riga – 15 days – 10 metres above sea level

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From Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, our flight landed in Helsinki. As soon as arrived on the tarmac, we jumped on another plane going to Riga, the Latvian capital. It was almost 10am when our feet touched for the first time the European ground, 7 months after the beginning of our travel.

At the airport exit, the first task was to read the signage. First, everyone was happy to see a Latin alphabet. But we quickly discovered they are too many accents on the consonants. Moreover the Latvian has no Latin, German or Russian roots. This a unique language resisting to the various invasions through the centuries.…

Vietnamese bathing

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Vietnam offers many opportunities to dive in one of the most beautiful bay of the world. Swimming in the China Sea is now on our international swimming list. A few days after our arrival on the grounds of the Dragoon of Asia, referring to the shape of the country, we headed to North-East of the country and its famous bay.

Cat Ba was our destination for our seaside trip. The island is the entry gate of the Halong bay and its 120 kilometres of coast. In the middle of this part of the China Sea, there are 1969 karstic islands.

On the Vietnamese roads

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Our experience on the Vietnamese roads started in a bus. After a short trip with this means of transport, between the Halong bay and the Cat Ba island, our true first trip in a “night-bus” leaded us from Cat Ba island to the montainious area of Sa Pa. Kilometres of asphalt, curves and cols will last the 11 hours of journey to reach this city located nearby the Chinese border.

The sleeping-bus is an usual experience for the backpackers travelling in the South-Eastern part of Asia. The experience started in front of the bus. We even didn’t have the time to put our foot on the first step that the driver requested us to remove our shoes.

Ben Tre and Ho Chi Minh – 6 days – 3 metres above the sea level

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After 1-hour flight from Dan Hang, the captain announced our arrival in Ho Chi Minh and the preparation of our landing. As soon the wheels of our little plane touched the ground, we jumped in a cab. We went straight away to the bus station at the West of the city. In the old building of the terminal, we looked for the correct desk to find tickets for our next destination. On the window of each desk, there were A4-sheets with the name of the cities of the different companies. Behind their little desks, it was hard to find someone speaking English.…

Sa Pa and Hoi An – 6 days – 1500 metres above sea level

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We arrived in Sa Pa early in the morning. Our night in a sleeping bus was not very quiet. To get some sleep, we forgave being stuck in our berth and all the curves of the road to reach this city at 1500m above the sea level.

Sa Pa is very touristic since the French colonial era. The French authorities built a station there before it became one of the most touristic places in North of Vietnam. This district of the Lao Cai province has a natural and unusual scenery with mountains, forests and rice field terraces.…