Goreme – Capadocia – 8 days – 1 100 metres above the sea level

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We began our Turkish adventure by going alongside the Black Sea on the Route 10, a wide dual carriageway along the coast.

Around Ardesen city, we rode alongside the Firtina river. 10 kilometres further, we crossed a bridge spanning a stream. On the other side of the river, we arrived at the nautical centre “Derebeyi Rafting.” We pitched up the tents on the playground of Microbe, a cute goat with long black and white hairs.

At the sunrise, we woke up with the first call of the day for praying.  We got prepared quickly for this long day.…

Georgian experiences

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Discovery of the Georgian vineyards

Wine is an ancient Georgian culture. It’s taking a big part of the economic, social and cultural life of the country.

The specificity of this drink is the vinification procedure, done in “Qvevri”. This name comes from the earthenware jar used to ferment the wine before storage. 

It was in the Kakheti region, at the East of Georgia, on the hills before Tbilisi, that we stopped in a vineyard. 

We have been warmly welcomed by Niki Antadze in his house. Accompanied by his daughter, this ex-boss of a night club showed us his treasure and its traditions.…

Georgian bathing

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Waterfalls of Lagodekhi

We just crossed the border between Azerbaijan and Georgia and arrived in Lagodekhi, the entry gate of the national park. 

A true playground for the nature lovers, we went hiking between the forest and rocks alongside the Ninoskhevi river, up to the waterfalls, 4.5 kilometres further. 

The itinerary was not difficult but, quickly, there was no path anymore. We walked along the stream to find our way. Between climbing in the rocks and crossed a few times the river, this step of the hike was like a game. At the beginning, for each crossing of the river, we jumped from a stone to another one, avoiding the chilly water.…

Georgian night spots

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Crossing the small town of Uplistsikhe, nearby the eponym troglodytes city, we went deeper in a narrow path surrounded by high grasses.

This path stopped a few hundreds kilometres later, in front of the Koura river. After a quick inspection for finding the flatter areas to pitch the tents and park the UAZ. We finally chose a cozy spot where everyone had his own space, like in a farm campsite. Before to setup the table, we had to manoeuvre the vehicles between the trees used like shelters for the night.

While we sat in our chairs to enjoy our almost chill beer, a cow herd leaded by a farmer crossed our campsite to go to their farm.…

Koutaissi and the mountains of Caucasia – 5 days – 200 metres above sea level

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The Georgian capitale being behind us, we did a first stop 20 kilometres further to visit the monastery of Djvari. Sadly, the building doesn’t have much specificities. Plus, there were too many tourists. A crowd which didn’t help to enjoy the view over the Mtskheta city. 

At the bottom of the cliff, we stopped in the fortified city which was the capital of the country in the past. In the historical area, we visited the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli, an impressive building by its architecture and the fortifications. In one of the pedestrian steets, we enjoyed our first Tchourtchkela, a speciality with a shape similar to a French saucisson.…

Tbilissi – 6 days – 770 metres above sea level

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We entered in Georgia by the border post of Lagodekhi with Maika and Christoph riding their UAZ van. The office was a bit old but we were, again, well welcomed. Emilie, being the main pilot on the paperwork of sidecar, took care of the import. No checking by the agent and Emilie got a stamp on her passeport very quickly. In the meantime, I didn’t have any issue in the customs office for “passengers”.

A few kilometers further, we stopped by a portacabin to get a vehicle insurance. Each vehicle of the “Russian Gang” subscribed to a 15-day contract.…