Uruguayan encounter

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Jorge and the sailing knots

After visiting the historic city of Colonia de Sacramento, we went alongside the plane trees of the ancient road leading to Montevideo. A few kilometres after the exit of “Colonia”, we turned to the left after the village of Riachuelo to take a small road going to Jorge’s. This old single sailor, old friend of Ricardo (our biker friend from Buenos Aires) welcomed us for the evening. The first talks were quite shy. Cabinetmaker for work and passion, it was by chating about wood that the trusting relationship began. While telling us his story about him going from the French high school Buenos Aires to Uruguay, he brought us to the tip of his garden to show us each tree and essences, plus he showed us his nice workshop.

On the Uruguayan borders

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Early in the morning, we left Gualeguaychu, the last city of Argentina. Before the border, we went to the petrol station to give our last Pesos in exchange of a few litres of petrol. 20 kilometres further, we crossed the Argentinian border and the bridge spanning the Uruguay river to reach the country of the same name. Once on the other side, we didn’t except a toll booth before to reach the Uruguayan border. The bridge toll fee was not very expensive, around 1,50€, but we didn’t have any Argentinian or Uruguayan currency in our pockets. We tried to negotiate with the staff of the toll, but without any success.…

Montevideo and the Uruguayan coast – 7 days – 43 metres above the sea level

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It was after crossing the bridge spanning the Uruguay river that we entered in the last country of South of America for this trip. After a few kilometres, it was lunch time. We stopped in the small city of Dolores. We opted for a sandwich in a little shop. We met Zuleika, the beautiful young lady working in a snack shop ; and Bruno, a true character, who was living here or there, we are still not too sure. With passion, he told us the stories of his trips by hitchhiking in Uruguay and in the adjacent countries.…

Argentinian bathing

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With its 3,989 km of coasts to the West and the famous Andin lakes to the East ; Argentina is a type of aquatic country. However, during the 34 days travelling across the country, the dives and fresh swims were not the most memorable. For example, there was the swim on the Rada Tilly beach where we wanted to enjoy the sunset. But we were not the only ones who had this idea, we had to share this moment with many Argentinian tourists who came to enjoy the sand of this seaside town. In the waters of Rio Parana Guazu and Gualeyan, in spite of being fresh at the end of these hot days, every time there were a disruptive element disturbing our swimming time.…

Argentinian encounters

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Juan Carlos from Bajo Caracoles

We arrived at the end of the afternoon in Bajo Caracoles, a little windy village. We started to look for a sheltered place to camp. There was a small sign indicating a campsite ; but nobody was there to give us some details. We looked for Juan Carlos, we found his contacts details on iOverlander, an app dedicated to the travellers. As mentioned on the app, we went to the hospice to get more information. The door was opened by someone telling us that Juan Carlos was absent. But after a few questions, he finally told us it was a joke.…

Argentinian experiences

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A night in a caravan in El Chalten

For our second night in El Chalten, an evening of thunderstorms with strong gusts was planned. So, we decided to privilege another kind of accommodation adapted to our budget rather than our tents. After looking the different rent options, we finally opted for a nice caravan, with a vintage style, parked between two houses and attached to the ground with buntings (which reassured us when we arrived).

Once installed in our humble abode, we were getting prepared to face up to the wind starting to blow. We went to the small supermarket of the village to find some snacks for this evening which promises to be unforgettable.…