Carthagena – 1 week – 2m above sea level

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We arrived in Cartagena on a Sunday night to finalise the importation of our sidecars in Colombia. This administrative task took a while but we still had time to enjoy the colorful streets of this pretty city.

Situated on the Caribbean Coast, the weather in September is warm (30°C) and humid (80%). The historic centre is fortified with pretty colorful streets giving the opportunity of strolling along in a Spanish atmosphere.

Indeed, by walking around the port, the different places or the fortifications, we can notice the Spanish conquistador influences.

At midday, after walking all the day, it’s time for a lunch break.…

Bogota – 4 days – 2640m above sea level

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Fries and Belgium beers are over. After a journey of 14 hours (including a 2-hour stop in Madrid) with the airline Air Europa, the captain announced our arrival at the Bogota International Airport. It’s 6:30pm (local time) and 13°C outside.

After landing, we go first to the immigration desk where we get our touristic visa for the next 90 days without any issue.

Once arrived at the Casa Colibri Hostel, we go straight to bed! It’s 10pm here, 4am in Paris ; and tomorrow Bogota is waiting for us!

Bogota is situated on a wide plateau surrounded by mountains.…